What colour did you mean?

by ekes

So I'm not so much of a graphic designer, but I often end up doing the technical implementation of website designs. Usually this involves describing how this perfect picture, or fixed implementation on one computer, won't actually look like that everywhere. Most of the time I'm talking about font styles, sizes of screens, differences between fluid and fixed layouts etc. But colour is another one.

Yesterday we were looking for a film with the same website on three screens. You will see, even in the photograph, that the colours just don't look the same. This is particularly obvious with the 'light orange yellow' of #FFCC66 in background/margins.

Three screens, two LCD one CRT, three quite different colours

Click to see a larger version.

Just in case your interested, we ended up going to see a rather good, weird, and funny, Hong Kong detective Thriller not in the FilmLadder pictured above, but part of the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival.


and sometimes they are the same colour

So above they were emitted by different screens, and end up a different colour. Sometimes the eye deceives and the same colour on the same screen looks different - just loved this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same_color_illusion