Drupal goes live

by ekes

It's been a really busy four months but it's just great to see go beta with Drupal.

It's really heavily a groups site. Developing the idea of groups where users of similar interest can co-ordinate together on the existing NABUUR village idea. There's some heavy Panels usage to get those different group pages up. Interesting stuff with Internationalisation of the site going on, more on that in a few weeks I think. Something of a fix to integrate geolocation with taxonomy - which then works really nicely with the heavily used faceted search. The task formus use a hierarchy of nodes which different. FeedAPI is in there too, for example getting news in from Villages own sites, and blogs, elsewhere on the net. As ever I'll try and get more detail in the coming weeks.

To keep things exciting there is an SMS to/from site system just in the works too. And lots of ideas for more just building on that core Drupal and all the experience that's out there.


First SMS received on site

Lovely to see this working as a local rep in Nepal sends a message through to the website using SMS