Hidden module views integration

Spent the weekend learning the insides of views module. So now I've added views to the hidden module it enables you to display the hidden (and reported for hiding) nodes in every imaginable way.


Quick site deployment this one ALTER EU needed a functioning multi-lingual site in under a month. It was actually two weeks for the basic set up and then plenty of time for tweaks. A joy to work on with constant contact with the actual client who really had a clear idea what was wanted.

Distributing, Distribution, Decentralisation

Some thoughts, and things I've been doing, about getting information shared as well as decentralised.

WL site migration

Just finishing the server migration of Workers' Liberty to the rather excellent Mayfirst collective's hosting. I just have to love their actually usable simple but powerful control panel combined with ssh access.

Gen-ethisches Netzwerk

The Gen-ethisches Netzwerk http://www.gen-ethisches-netzwerk.de/ website has moved to live testing. With its new magazine issue content types, articles automatically indexed and linked and custom author indexing module. The site now also includes basic shopping cart technology to allow people to subscribe, order back issues and special publications.

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